People of Tetbury in 1735

Hamilton, Hamming, Hanah, Hannah, Hancock, Handcock, Harding,

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In Tetbury Trustee or Town Records, after 1735.
D 566 R 2/2 01-Apr 1754 Mr Hamilton paid 2/6, attended second meeting of Society to raise money to build new church


Robert Hamon wed Sarah Waite 18 June 1689
Samuel Hammonds wed Mary Payton 20 June 1697
Widow Hamming was buried on 17101208.

Hannah, Hanah

How did the two young children survive, if Andrew and Martha are the parents of William and Grace?

At Tetbury 1735-6, ages to Dec 31, 1735.
Not in Census William Hannah 16, appears to be a young apprentice, older brother of Grace 13.
Not in Registers Baptisms of William and Grace

Court Leet Roll - William p12.

Andrew Hannah was buried on 17191105.
Martha, wife of Andrew Hannah, was buried on 17221001.

Grace Hannah 1720 - 17591216 possibly daughter of Andrew Hannah born after her father died 17191105, married 17590514 to James Beale 1716 - 17710424 aged 55, their daughter Mary was baptised 17591009, and Grace was buried two months later.

William Hannah was buried 17110106. (Grandfather of our William, member of the 1735 Court Leet?)


In Tetbury Records, before Dec 31, 1735.
D 566 B 33 28-Oct 1713 Anthony Hanchox in the weekly list of market stall holders
P 328a OV 3/1/2 28-Dec 1721 John Hancock had a Settlement Certificate

At Tetbury 1735-6, ages to Dec 31, 1735.
Not in Census John 30, and Richard 21, his Baker's apprentice.

In Tetbury Trustee or Town Records, after 1735.
D 566 R 2/2 04-Apr 1754 Mr Hancock paid 2/6, and Mr Hancock paid 2/6, attended second meeting of Society to raise money to build new church
D 566 R 2/2 04-Jul 1754 Mrs Hancock paid 2/6, attended third meeting of Society to raise money to build new church
D 566 M4 - 1754 439 members of the Court Leet Page 4.1 Richard Handcock

In Overseers Records, reference P328a OV 2/2, 1749-59
On 15-Jul 1754 Richard Hancox his Bill 6/6
Rate set at 4/- in the Pound, listing by streets is new in 1754
60 Church Street Upwards Mr Hancock 3-16-0 for Barrow's and stock
On 05-May 1755 Richard Hancox Vestry member approving repair of the Long Bridge

Bigland recorded
In the churchyard, north side
Rebecca and Sarah, daughters of Thomas and Mary Hancock, died in their Infancy
Bigland recorded on the Giles Pike - Gabriel Hadnot memorial,
Thomas Holdman, son of Thomas and Mary Handcock,
died Oct 29, 1779 aged 7 years and 7 months.
John, their son, died Jan 1, 1781 aged 3 years and 7 months.
Five of their children died in their Infancy.

James Hancock, titled 'Mr', aged 19 of Coventry, was buried 17601027.

John Hancock, Anne his wife and children John, Thomas and Mary had a Settlement Certificate showing they belong to Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, reference P 328a OV 3/1/2 dated 28-Dec 1721

John Hancock married 17361010 to Elizabeth Baily and baptised Samuel 17370725 - 17380507 and Samuel 17390401.
Intestate Statement made 12 Aug 1768, by Elizabeth wife of John Hancock, stated she is the daughter of the late Samuel Bailey baptised 17190302.

Richard Hancock 1714, the Baker, died of Smallpox 17610316 aged 47. He baptised Richard 17480527 buried 17490226, Thomas 17501011 and Sarah 17520725. His wife Mary was buried 17570524.

Will of Richard Hancock 1761/124

Intestate Statement made 23 June 1761 by Thomas Hancock of Baunton, brother of Richard Hancock deceased.
Thomas Hancock, son of Richard Hancock, being a minor aged 10 years, pray that uncle Thomas Hancock of Baunton be assigned his guardian and administer his father's estate.

Thomas Hancock 17501011, son of John, was called an Upholder in the notes for the baptisms of his first three children. He married 17700222 to Mary Watts, and each of their 8 children died -
Mary 17701206 lived 22 days,
Hester 17730531 to 17740322 (10 months),
John 17760502 to 17770207 (9 months),
John 17770602 to 17810104 (3 years 7 months),
Thomas buried 17791025,
Thomas buried 17800406,
Daniel buried 17860424 and
Rebecca Holdham 17871206 buried 17880326 (15 weeks old).
This makes the churchyard memorial a minor mystery - Thomas and Sarah appears to have been baptised and buried elsewhere. I have linked the memorials because of the occurance of the name Holdham.


William Hardin of Malmesbury wed Margaret Vayzie 19 Oct 1668
Thomas Hardine wed Sarah Wayete 20 Feb 1668
Katherine Hardin wed Thomas Pritchard 13 June 1671
Mary Hardin wed Charles Lews 29 July 1678
Sarah Harding wed William Payton of Stroud 4 Mar 1692
John Harding wed Anne Wilkins 26 Dec 1698

Meeting about Replacing the Church held 22 June 1729
Influential citizens held a meeting to consider what to do about the state of the old church attended by John Barrett, Henry Crowther, Daniel Evans, Richard Harding, John Johnson, Thomas Keen, John Phillips, John Purnell, Francis Savage, John Sloper, William Tomkinson, Barnard Wickes, Joseph Wickes, John Wight, Henry Wightwick
The matter went to Parliament who suggested repairs and on 10 Feb 1740 charged Thomas Estcourt, Richard Harding, Joseph Ralph, Charles Savage and William Savage with overseeing the work.
After spending money doing doubtful repairs, the Old Church was demolished and rebuilt to be opened in 1770

In Tetbury Records, before Dec 31, 1735.
D 566 B 2/2 05-Oct 1703 John Harding was paid 2-10-0 as Apprenticeship money for Hall's wench
D 566 T 2/1 20-May 1709 John Harding named in Deed assigning a lease in Gumstool St to Robert Wilkins
D 566 B 19 The Tetbury Survey 6 May 1698 copied 1718
Page 06, Thomas Harding for the Mitre 13-0-0
Page 14, Thomas Harding The Mite 14-0-0
Dufton, Page 18, Doctor Harding 101-10-0 has rented out 7 areas
D 566 B 24 April 1725 Richard Harding signed a petition to use money to build an extension to the Market House
D 566 R 2/2 22-Jun 1729 Richard Harding voted for a brief to be started to rebuild Tetbury Church
D 566 M3 1734 Trustees provided clothes for poor Apprentices made by Richard Harding cost 2-2-0
D 566 M3 1734 Trustees paid Richard Harding to make clothes for Apprentices
D 566 Z 20 Voter list 1734 Richard Harding column 2

At Tetbury 1735-6, ages to Dec 31, 1735.
Richard 46, and his wife Elizabeth 43
William 34, his wife Anne 23, his son John 2 and his Servant.

Court Leet Roll 1735 - Richard p6 (Town Jury), William p10

Ted Prince research
Richard Harding
was paid for apprentices clothes,
e.g. Clothes for Davis's Boy, Sute, Hat, Stackings, Shoes 2.10

Census at Tetbury, 1735-6.
Harding Mr Richard House 9.10&w ** 2ch
He 1689-45 Elizabeth 1692-38
Harding William House 17.07 &w *1cd 1sv4ch
He 1701-88Anne 1712-62John 1733-

In Tetbury Trustee or Town Records, after 1735.
D 566 Z 20 column 3, about 1736 Richard Harding in a list supporting the Tetbury annual Races
D 566 B 2/5 09-Nov 1741 Richard Harding paid to the Trustees 8-5-0 for 16 years quit rent
D 566 M3 1741 Constable of the Court William Harding
D 566 M3 - 1746 417 members of the Court Leet Page 14 William Harding
D 566 M4 - 1754 439 members of the Court Leet Page 7.1 William Harding
D 566 R 2/2 04-Apr 1754 William Hardens paid 2/6, attended second meeting of Society to raise money to build new church
D 566 M5 - 1762 507 members of the Court Leet Page 7.1 William Harding, Page 7.2 William Harding Younger

In Overseers Records, P328a OV 2/1, 1736-49
1742-3 Ratepayers in Tetbury rate set at two shillings in the Pound, Page 52 Richard Harding 6-16-00
Page 54 Richard Harding 0-16-00 Page 58 Richard Harding deceased 41-00-00 Page 55 William Harding 2-00-00
January 1742 Richard Harding Extra Payments burial 00-10-04
Page 424 William Harding Ratepayer of Tetbury Apr 1747

In Overseers Records, reference P328a OV 2/2, 1749-59
Rate set at 4/- in the Pound, listing by streets is new in 1754
6 Chipping Lane William Harding 3-0-0 house and stock
12 Charlton Mr Hardings 41-0-0 deceased, occupier Lord Ducie Morton

Bigland recorded
In the old church, on the north side
Richard Harding, who died 12 April 1745, aged 56 years.

Ann Harding named William Brown as father of her Female child The Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor records, Reference P328a OV 5/2 dated 20-Apr 1776

Ann Harding named John Grant, labourer as father of her male child born 8 May 1781, and he was bonded to pay 1/- a week plus 20/- for her laying-in expenses, she was bonded to pay 6 pence a week or support the child Reference P328a OV 5/4 dated 25-Mar 1782

John Harding and Joan his wife agreed to take Mary Hall daughter of John Hall born 15 Jul 1693, a poor child of Tetbury, as Apprentice to learn housekeeping, reference P328a OV 4/2 dated 6-Aug 1701

John Harding and his wife buried 17090301, baptised Richard 16981128, John 17010317 - 17020311, Elizabeth 17021123 - 17040310, Mary 17050225 and Elizabeth 17081017 - 17081107.

Please check the ORIGINAL DOCUMENT - my notes seem to create a peculiar story.
John Harding's wife Joan Crow being dead, reference D 566 T 2/1 dated 20 May 1709, Robert Styles' house in Gumstool Street held by Joan, obtained as third life, is reassigned to Robert Wyles

John Harding 17331222, son of William, married 17700416 to Ann Smith at Bitten, 1745 - 17870822 buried by the Parish. They baptised William 17750924 and John 17780411.

Richard Harding Master for apprentice Daniel Wheeler reference Kew Public Records Office Kew public Records office IR 1 50 dated 10-May 1740

Richard Harding was paid to make clothes for Apprentices reference D 566 M3

Richard Harding 16981128, buried his wife Elizabeth 17380630.
Richard Harding is described as a Mercer when he was buried 17450417 aged 56, giving his birth year as about 1689. By our records he was baptised 1698, and probably aged 46

William Harding married 17330305 to Anne Wells of Wotton Under Edge 1710 - 17621201 and baptised John 17331222, Richard 17351031 lived 5 weeks, Ann 17361028, Mary 17390528, Elizabeth 17420820 and William 17480318. When Anne was buried, William is described as a Barber.

William Harding 17480318, a Barber, married 17690416 to Sarah Rymer, 17480814, second daughter of Stephen and Jane. They baptised Ann 17691126 - 17790520, Hannah 17710905, Jane 17760606, Thomas 17780515 lived 3 months, buried William 17800318, baptised John 17810709 lived 10 weeks, buried William 17830826, baptised Minetta 17850415 lived 2 days, and buried Elizabeth 17870101.

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