People in Tetbury 1670 - 1770

Major sources include the Hearth Tax lists of 1662, 1671 and 1672,
and the printed marriage index, Wills and Parish records held at Gloucester Record Office.
I found Tetbury records used 953 surnames, 14 aliases and over 262 variants.
460 surnames only occur once (including 131 are buried, 66 were wed and 72 baptised a child),
152 surnames involve one man and children,
277 give details of several generations and 56 leave Tetbury before 1735.
The records include 17 soldiers or militia members, and 2 are only known from their Wills.

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Names printed in black are alternative spellings. Click the preceding underlined name.

Pabry, Paget, Pain, Payne, Painter, Palmer, Palser, Parker, Parsley, Parson, Pate, Patrick, Paul, Pavey, Paynter, Peacock, Pearce, Pearse, Peer, Pegler, Paglar, Pepcey, Perkins, Perriman, Perrin, Pering, Perring, Perritt, Perrot, Peters, Pettat, Philippis, Philips, Philman, Pickett, Piff, Pikle, Pill, Pilsworth, Pike, Pick, Picke, Pinchitt, Pincot, Pindal, Pinder, Pinegar, Pinkney, Pinnell, Pinnock, Pitt, Player, Plogue, Plumer, Polston, Ponting, Panton, Poole, Pope, Portis, Portlock, Potter, Pound, Powell, Power, Preen, Pryn, Pretty, Price, Prichard, Pricard, Pritchard, Pritchet, Pride, Proctor, Puffe, Punter, Purnell, Putley


Quie, Cue, Kew,


Ralph, Randall, Randoll, Randles, Randolph, Ranfill, Ranger, Rannels, Rawlins, Read, Reed, Reid, Reason, Redferne, Reen, Rene, Rees, Reve, Reeve, Reeves, Retorshis, Reynolds, Rice, Rich, Richards, Riching, Ritchings, Richmond, Rickam, Rickets, Rickwood, Ridge, Ridgway, Rimel, Rimer, Rymore, Rymer, Ring, Ritchens, Ritchins, Rivers, Rivesbey, Rixam, Rixon, Roberts, Robertson, Robins, Robinson, Roche, Rogers, Rodgers, Rooms, Roque, Rose, Ross, Round, Rouss, Rowe, Rowland, Ruddy, Rudge, Rugg, Rumin, Running, Russ, Russell, Rutledge


Sadler, Sartin, Saunders, Savage, Sayer, Scammel, Skammell, Skammele, Scarlet, Scott, Scripture, Scudmore, Seaburn, Seager, Seal, Seally, Selby, Selman, Selwood, Sergant, Serjeant, Shapcote, Share, Sharp, Shatton, Shepherd, Sherington, Sherman, Sherwin, Shewell, Shillam, Shillingford, Shipton, Shipway, Shirman, Shorr, Short, Shreve, Shreeve, Shuring, Sidman, Sidnell, Silcock, Simon, Simmonds, Symons, Simpson, Skelton, Shelton, Skum, Slade, Sloper, Small, Smallwickes, Smart, Smith, alias Bartholomew, Snell, Snow, Somers, Summers, alias Andrews, Spackman, Speckman, Sparrow, Speck, Spencer, Spillman, Spock, Spurling, Sqyrrell, Stafford, Stamp, Stancomb, Stankham, Stamcombe, Stanmore, Stanley, Steat, Stedman, Stephens, Stevens, Stewart, Stiles, Stock, Stockwell, Stogden, Stokes, Stoakes, Stoaks, Stone, Storer, Stout, Stowers, Strange, Stratford, Strathford, Strathfield, Street, Stringer, Strong, Styles, Suff, Susek, Sutomy, Sutcliffe, Sutton, Swain, Swayne, Swanley, Swinerton, Swynsen, Syde, Syfully

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