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Welcome to my idea of fun,
Max, Bertil and Elizabeth
Max, Bertil and Elizabeth in Sweden

This project started in 1987, and after 10 years, I saw the only way to publish my work was to use the Internet. I began building this web site in Oct 1998 - when computers and internet made easier communication.

1. The Census - I have changed the original to alphabetic order. The houses are numbered - page, then position on the page.
Page 1 begins with Ackley Richard & his wife in House 27.12
Page 2 begins with Eccourt William & his wife in House 26.03
Page 3 begins with Pagler John & his wife in House 9.12

2. The total of 546 households - Introduction, and Notes,

3. Adding the Parish Registrar - Births, Marriages and Deaths
For a practical example of information in the registers, see my page on Hester Winterson or on her cousin Hannah Winterson - be warned, these sites includes very large illustrations of pages from the parish registers.
What can we learn from the Registers? - notes on Twins 1701-70, Boy's names, Girl's names and how the population grew, as Smallpox prevention began.

4. Going back - the Hearth Rolls at Kew Records Office,
the Longtree Hundred consisted of Tetbury which I divided into Tetbury A-G, Tetbury H-P and Tetbury R-Z, and 10 smaller villages,
Avening, Cherington, Culkerton, Horsley, Minchin Hampton, Rodborough, Rodmartin, Shipton Moyne, Weston Birt, and Woodchester

5. Wills have now been made available by the Gloucester Records Office - see the Genealogical Database which contains an index of names based on items including Wills proved at Gloucester from 1541 to 1858
My notes include a list of Wills I read, and two samples, the wills of Matthew Beale 1717, and John Jones 1832
Bigland recorded the Cemetry when he visited before his death in 1784

7. Parish Records of Tetbury
Settlement rules, 123 orders by Date and Names A - L, and M - W
Care of the Poor - Charity, Motherhood, Apprenticeships,

8. The end result - Families by each surname - A, B C, D, E, F, G, H, I , J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, YZ,

9. More

TopicLink to the pageDate startedWhat is it about?
Self Governing for TetburyAdministration 15 June 1999 Simplified notes
Governing TetburyPractical items 26 October 1999 Manors, courts, juries, dung-laying and the Wilkins family
In the beginningFeoffees 4 August 1999A Day of Reckoning, 11 Dec 1738,
Every man to attendCourt Leet 4 August 1999listed as attended Court Leet dinner
Parish RecordsRecords18 August 1999Preserved at Gloucester Record Office
Writing it downOverseers18 August 1999Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor
Three questionsAnswers to Ruth1 December 1999What was the 'Foreign Jury'
Richard Harewella Ken's Qusetions7 December 1999Ken Murray's page on Trouble House has been closed
MannTony's Ancestors4 August 1999Looking at the actual records
RussellThe Russell family18 August 1999Looking at the actual records
Winterson Hester and Hannah26 October 1999Looking at the actual records

Every care has been taken with the information on these pages. The Parish registers are transcripts of photocopies from the microfishe, and errors can occur for many reasons. It is therefore strongly recommended that each entry is checked against original records.

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