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Religious Affiliations Record of Tetbury in 1735

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Max, Bertil and Elizabeth
Max, Bertil and Elizabeth in Sweden

Welcome to Elizabeth Janson's Tetbury on the Web! Have a virtual cup of gourmet coffee to get yourself in the mood, and then scroll down Tetbury's 822 families of 1700 to 1770. This project started because I wanted to get an understanding of an English village in the century when England decided to send convicts and their support team (soldiers and administration staff) to Botany Bay, Sydney, Australia. I began building this web site in Oct 1998 - when computers and internet made easier communication and am checking it in Sep, 2009.
Enjoy your visit.

Tetbury fascinated me after Ted Prince showed me, and then I obtained a photocopy of the source document D566 Z11, held in Gloucestershire Records Office, titled Religious Affiliations of Householders in Tetbury 1735 - 7, and appears to be completed Oct 24 1737, possibly when Miles Gastrell, appointed 1733 and died 9 Dec 1738, reported the size of his parish to his Bishop, having recorded 546 Houses, and the names of each Head of the household. Rev John Turner was appointed Vicar, 11 Dec 1738.

The little book consists of a cover and 28 double pages, with extra comments written on the blank half page. Page 1 has 'This was taken in 1735' written in the seventh of twelve columns. It names the heads of houses, with 'and wife', and numbers for children, servants and lodgers. There are 20 houses on each page, with 19 on page 27, and 7 on page 28, a total of 546 households recorded.

I accepted the personal challenge of trying to give the family members names, and in the process found that coding in HTML for the Web enabled me to make a dull set of details into a fascinating record of your ancestors and my friends - anyone whose story has been part of a twelve year project must become a friend!

The census records 2149 residents, 935 Masters and Mistresses (no house has more than two in this category), 878 Children, 213 Servants and 123 Lodgers. I found 2533 possible residents. This means I have 748 names to fill 334 Servant or Lodger positions. So I have 384 people 'floating' - some are 'wives'.
Tetbury in Gloucestershire, England
Tetbury is in the Gloucestershire Hundred of Longtree (also spelled Langtree), and in the Deanery of Stonehouse.
When we visited Tetbury, it still had on display many of the features that reflected life as the ancestors knew it - Scold's pool, stocks, Market, church rebuilt in 1780 with pews entered from the outer passages - differences that help to explain to an Australian whose ancestors either came or were sent to Australia between 1818 and 1860, that life in England is different.

Town map of Tetbury
20 miles
Town map of Tetbury
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Town map of Tetbury

Row of Wisteria
The Project has as its main core 43 pages of genealogical information, obtained by merging the Baptism, Marriage and Death records of Tetbury Church of England between 1700 and 1770. The dates represent 35 years each side of the census, which the family reconstructions was intended to support.

The Census is shown in alphabetic order - the original is in house order.
Census A-D Census E-O Census P-Y

There seem to be about 200 surnames not represented by the Census.
I added a list of all surnames.

I have 9577 names in my merged lists from the registers, 545 family groups from the Census, and another list of 265 other families or individuals the census appeared to miss.

Some problems are the result of a shortage of marriage records - many wives are only named when they were buried, and I have made no effort to match her christian name with a baptism in the appropriate year. So I feel one cause for more people than expected in the 15 to 45 age group is because females were counted twice.

Row of Wisteria
Totals Individuals Males Females
545 households 1780 873 907
Other 266 groups 753 410 343

Ages 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 55 60 65 70 75 80+
Census 243 187 141 105 112 144 176 128 114 95 81 85 65 29 13 2 3
Others 58 58 77 96 69 110 90 59 31 22 19 17 13 7 6 6 3
Census suggests in Tetbury 31 Dec 1735




  0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80
Others in Tetbury 31 Dec 1735




  0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80
There were 662 Baptisms for the decade 1731 to 1740, belonging to 307 families. 122 were the only child for the male and 14 were the only child for the woman. The family sizes based on baptisms is
136 - 1, 83 - 2, 33 - 3, 30 - 4, 19 - 5, 5 - 6 and 2 - 7.
Daniel Oatridge and Isaac Pike are the fathers of the families of 7, the five fathers with 6 each, are Philip Blake, Richard Bolton, Thomas Chambers, John Holt and John Tanner.

There were 207 burials of children 5 years old or less. They include Philip Blake's twins, Richard Bolton's 6th child, 4 of Thomas Chambers infants, 2 of John Holt's, 3 of Daniel Oatridge's infants, Isaac Pike had only 2 of the 7 alive in 1740, and John Tanner buried one, aged 11 months.
Of the 14 base born children, 11 survived to 1741, although two of these lost their mothers. Elizabeth Jones buried two infants before James survived long enough to be baptised.

Row of Wisteria
In the Summers of 2000 and again in 2003, I spent 3 months in Gloucester Records Office researching Wills of Tetbury residents. I began by reading and making notes of William Denny's Will probated in 1661, and stopped at Will number 352, of Eleanor Watts Will dated 15 July 1817, then I listed the 80 Wills to 1856 (where the computer index ended). Supplementary information, points that appealed to me, and so on, are in my Notes. Some obvious questions I have tried to answer are the survival of twins baptised, and what names were favoured in Tetbury.
Twins 1701-70
Boy's names
Girl's names
Every care has been taken with the information on these pages, they are transcripts of photocopies and errors can occur for many reasons. It is therefore strongly recommended that each entry is checked against original records.
For a practical example of information in the registers, see my page on Hester Winterson or on her cousin Hannah Winterson- be warned, these sites includes very large illustrations of pages from the parish registers.

Row of Wisteria
Summary of abbreviations:-
Men of 1608 - lists all males available for Militiary service, age, height, profession, and their weapons.
Court Leet Roll - males aged 15 to 70 involved in the law system, of 1735
Not in Census Seems to be resident - a servant or a lodger?
Summary of Frames:-
Yellow - They appear to be resident in Tetbury 1735-6.
Brown - The individual appears in other records for Tetbury between 1700 and 1760.
Green - Surname, Head of the house, House number in 1735 Census, wife and children, servants,
lodgers, then religious affiliation - Church, Presbyterian, Baptist, Quakers, Others.
Black - Grave memorials recorded by Bigland.
Red - Ted Prince's research into other Tetbury records.

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