Rodmartin Hearth Tax

Hearth Tax Notes
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'Gloucester Village Populations' by Alicia C Percival, 1972, has for Rodmartin, Communicants in 1551 - 160, in 1603 - 80, in 1676 - 141, and in 1650 there are 22 families. This gives us an idea of the number of entries which are lost.

B=E 178 247/14, for 1671
29 hearths in 5 houses in this record.
The numbers are only a counting aid.

 Code YearForename Surname   Hearths 
B 1671Michael Collins   6 heaths
B 1671Joan George   3 heaths
B 1671Giles Kilmaster   5 heaths
B 1671John Kilmaster   10 heaths
B 1671Edward Sloper   5 heaths
The slash (/) is used to show spelling variations between the years.
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Hearth Tax Notes

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